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We operate and maintain several storage facilities for the storage of police impounded vehicles. The storage yards are accessible between the hours of:
                      8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday
              Credit Cards or Checks are Never Accepted for Police Impounds

If you think we may have your vehicle, please call 928-282-4162, Monday thru Friday between the
hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. Please have the last 5 numbers of your vehicles VIN, Police Report Number, or your License Plate number.
If Your vehicle has been impounded by the police:

30 Day Impound
(ARS 28-3511) Your paperwork you received from the impounding officer
will say whether or not your vehicle was impounded under this Statute.

Before you can pick up your car, YOU MUST

     •   Obtain a Release Form from the Police Agency that impounded your Vehicle.
          It may be necessary to correct any problems that caused your vehicle to be impounded,
          before they will give you a release.
     •   Bring the release form, your Picture ID,  and CASH for the FULL AMOUNT owed.
     •   Only the Registered Owner may pick up or gain access to, a impounded vehicle.
     •   Others attempting to gain access to, or retrieve an impounded vehicle must obtain a
        Signed, & Notarized Power Of Attorney Form from the registered owner
         in order to do so.

Abandoned Vehicles
   We are required by law to file for title on any abandoned vehicle. 
We must file when vehicles have been left at our impound lot for 10 days.
For 30 Day impounds, We must file at 40 days.

*If you are planning to abandon your vehicle, you should be aware that the State of Arizona
will impose a fine of $ 500.00 ( Five Hundred Dollars), on the registered owner of the vehicle
at the time of abandonment. You will have to pay the DMV the fine before you can register a
vehicle in the state of Arizona again.

        30 Day Impounds
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